Liz Watson

Founder & CEO

Coming up with creative solutions to affect change is not my strong suit. It’s yours. You are the visionary, not me. So, we need each other. I need you to come up with ideas to save the world and you need me to turn those ideas into actionable plans so they can come to life. In the end, we both make an impact using our own gifts.

I bring decades of experience to walk alongside you as a strategic partner. My time in the hotel industry introduced me to the value of providing excellent customer service and having solid operational procedures in place. During 20 years at a Fortune 500 company I honed my expertise in project management, team management and process improvement.

I realized that what I enjoyed most was being a mentor to help others excel in their roles. I choose to serve small business CEOs because of the energy, passion and creativity they bring to their work and life.

I, like you, am passionate about sustainability. Together, we can make your vision a reality. Walk with me down The Impact Trail.

Certifications & Professional Affiliations

Core Values

Respect the ideas and opinions of others

Take an optimistic view while remaining realistic

Deeply listen so that I can connect with others and understand how to serve them

Be kind and empathetic because everyone is struggling with something

Live life through a sustainability lens believing it takes both individual and collective actions to make a difference

Provide high quality in what is delivered

Be thorough and thoughtful in everything I do

Do the right thing in a reliable way

Be your true self so that you attract the right people

Come to the table with solutions instead of problems



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