Strategic Planning

Your business model is proven. Customers love what you offer. Revenue is increasing.

You are ready to scale and amplify the impact that has resulted from your success.

To get there, you'll need to review and address some key areas:

  • Alignment of your mission and vision with your core values
  • Clear priorities with deadlines
  • Exposure and awareness of the company to share your mission
  • Connecting with customers and turning them into fans and allies
  • Refine back-office processes to cut down on essential distractions
  • Retain and strengthen your team
  • Invest in your personal and professional growth to be able to contribute more
  • Tracking metrics that help you make data-driven decisions

How well your business is run will help you make a bigger impact.

Liz Watson is your guide to help you find clarity and reduce the overwhelm so you can get back to saving the world.


Strategic Planning Intensive

Partner with Liz for a quarterly strategy session to align your efforts and take meaningful action.

Each day, you and your team will have clear priorities with fewer distractions so you can spend more time building customer relationships.

You'll have fewer emergencies, a clearer head and an exponential growth of your impact and satisfaction from running your business.

One session every 90 days is all it takes for a crystal clear map that leads you to your goals.

Annual Partnership

If you're committed to your cause, an annual partnership with Liz is the way to go.

So many entrepreneurs say they want to operate their business with a purpose, but their visions quickly fade when things get hard, confusing and busy.

With an annual partnership, Liz not only helps you create the strategy, she also is your accountability partner to break goals into action steps so you can know exactly what to do and when.

Don't let your plan to make a difference just sit on the shelf collecting dust.

Lock-in your commitment to the cause and have Liz serve as your guide and strategic partner to help drive results in your business.


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